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Excellent Meeting Planning and Meeting Management

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Site Selection

Knowing where to begin when it comes to choosing a site for your meeting can be difficult. At Excellent Meetings, we understand the site selection process and take the headache out of it for our clients. Whether your meeting is for several thousand or only a few attendees, we will use our database of literally thousands of facilities, in-depth knowledge of the industry and nationwide network of connections along with our familiarity with your budget, needs and objectives to help you select the perfect location to ensure an excellent meeting.

The best news is that this could all cost you nothing.



Contract Review

Contract Review and Negotiations

In today’s tough economy, every penny counts, and contracts can cost you extra dollars if not negotiated properly. Experienced at negotiating the most favorable terms and protecting clients’ interests, our staff will vigilantly look out for you during contract negotiations, ensuring that you don’t pay any more than necessary for the services you receive. We will work hard to provide you with the most concessions from the hotel, venue and vendors. Before you sign, we will review all final contracts to ensure that you receive excellent value, service and liability protection.




Project Management

Project Management

Budget — After working with you to identify your budget, needs and objectives,
we will make sure that your meeting stays on time, on target and on

Marketing and Communications — An effective marketing campaign is
essential to the success of any meeting. Our staff will work with you
to develop your meeting “brand” and to promote that brand to your
audience through email, social media, traditional and/or electronic
newsletters, your website and any other medium that is appropriate.

Program Management — Your program is the reason your attendees
are coming to your event. From workshops and breakout sessions to general
sessions and special events, we will work with you to develop relevant content,
secure continuing education credit, select dynamic speakers, choose enjoyable
entertainment and handle any other program management needs that you have.
We can plan your entire program or any piece of it.


Food and Beverage — We know how to manage every facet of your food
and beverage needs, including setting quantity guarantees, managing menu
selections and conducting inspections to ensure that your attendees are
happy and you remain under budget.

Signage — Working within the framework of your meeting objectives,
our team will collaborate with you to design and implement professional
signage for your event.

VIP Arrangements — Understanding the unique needs of a meeting’s VIPs
is an important part of the meeting planning process. Before the event,
our staff will make sure they understand who your VIPs are, and we will work
hard to anticipate their needs. Before, during and after the event, our job
is to ensure that your VIPs know that you understand their importance.

Logistics Management — An excellent meeting is made in the details.
Our staff will coordinate all of the particulars of your meeting.

Vendor Management — Your meeting could have many additional vendors involved.
What ever the meeting supplier, we’ll make certain that they stay on budget, on task
and on time.

Audio-Visual — From large stage sets using image magnification to
break out sessions, your attendees need to hear and see the message. We’ll work
with the AV company to ensure the best quality production at the best price.


Registration Coordination

It’s been said that the first impression is the last. This is why an
effective registration process is essential to an excellent meeting. We
work hard to make sure that your attendees understand that they are
valuable as they encounter a simple and easy registration experience
from start to finish. Both prior to and during your meeting, Excellent
Meetings will coordinate and manage every step of the registration
process including:

  • Slammer Preparation of the registration form

  • Slammer Handling of all registration inquiries from attendees and potential attendees

  • Slammer Acceptance and handling of all internet, mail, fax and phone-in registrations

  • Slammer Acceptance and handling of all registration payments

  • Slammer Preparation and delivery of participant kits, programs and name badges

  • Slammer Management and staffing of on-site registration

Trade Show

Sponsorship and Exhibits Management

Your exhibitors and sponsors help make your event possible. Obtaining
their support and cultivating the relationships with them is vitally
important to the success of your meeting. Our staff knows just how to
do both. Excellent Meetings will coordinate and manage every aspect of
your sponsorships and exhibition hall including:

  • Slammer Preparation of Exhibitors’ and Sponsors’ Prospectus and contracts

  • Slammer Sale of exhibit space and sponsorships

  • Slammer Invoicing and collecting of all exhibitor and sponsorship fees

  • Slammer Development of the exhibition hall floor plan

  • Slammer Handling of all inquiries and concerns of exhibitors and sponsors

  • Slammer Handling all potential exhibitors and sponsors

  • Slammer Preparation of Exhibitor Manual

  • Slammer On-site management of exhibition hall including set-up and tear-down logistics

Post Meeting Success

Post Meeting Management

After your meeting, we will still be involved. Some of the things we do are, conduct a post conference meeting with hotel, update the meeting database with on-site registrations and no-shows, and we’ll provide final list of participants and final site list include updates to contact information.

There can be a lot of money involved in your meeting. We’ll make certain that you understand where your expenses are. We’ll finalize the bills with the hotel or conference center and all vendors. Then, we will summarize your meeting’s financial plan and evaluations, to give you a full report.

We will also evaluate the attendee evaluations and provide you a summary.